«Explosive, genius virtuoso duo from Oslo that manages to create an extremely exciting, eccentric universe by means of one drum, a number of interconnected guitar amps and a series of loop & effect pedals. A universe filled with jazz, noise, postpunk & funk. Adventurous, energetic, danceable and innovative… Right through the wall of sound!»
AB, Brüssels


«Without doubt, one of the year’s most exhilarating and inventive propositions has been Segway Nation, the new album from Norwegian duo Aiming For Enrike. The encounter is a fascinating instrumental adventure in sound and captivating aural suggestiveness; a multi-flavoured infectiousness created by drummer Tobias Ørnes and guitarist Simen Følstad Nilsen.»
- Ringmaster Review

«Ear-opening genius dingbats»
Total Guitar

«if I were to describe this album in one word it might be ‘brilliant’. If I were allowed multiple words (which I am, because I’m writing this review) I might say ‘Powerful’, ‘Intense’, ‘Psychedelic’, ‘Funky as all Hell’.»
feckingbahamas.com om Las Napalmas 2017

«something about the powerful approach to electronics that Aiming for Enrike always bring to the table just lets loose the dancer in me and makes me want to subject whole streets to my elegant antics.»

«To close an excellent first day on an even higher note, as if that were possible, Norwegians Aiming For Enrike brought the house down in the side stage with their delightful weirdness.»
theprogspace.com on the bands performance at Euroblast 2018

«Their 3rd album Las Napalams released on October 27, 2017 took everything they were doing on their 1st and 2nd albums and had the pair crafting a perfect, cohesive album. This record is my absolute favorite album released in 2017, and now one of my favorite albums period.»

«Aiming for Enrike sound eminently capable not only of bringing themselves up to speed, but of setting a pace – and so too an understatedly virtuosic standard – for others to follow also…»

«With expert musicianship and a palpable sense of improvisation and exploration, it was a breath-taking end to an ace festival.»